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It's always great to hear how our GMS Media materials are solving problems for our customers.

"Thank you for the one day turnaround on my Edge FX. Your diligence certainly saved me hundreds of dollars in freight and more importantly avoided the risks involved with shipping a piece of equipment long distances.

It was truly a pleasure to meet you all. I look forward to working with you all in the new year to come and beyond. Thank you again!"

Andy F., USA

"We have developed a great relationship with GMS over the years. They are our #1 source for Gerber Software, plotters, printers, and all the materials and maintenance items that go along with them. Here are some factors that contribute to our loyalty to GMS:

- GMS offers a wide range of unique and specialty products.

- Their product line is extensive.

- Their website is easy to navigate.

- We easily find the products we need for our wide variety of jobs.

- The pricing on most of their supplies is the best we can find.

- The staff has a depth of knowledge of the supplies they carry that is second to none.

- If we have a question on a specific product, they have the answer.

- If they don’t know the answer off hand, they go above and beyond to get the answer for us.

- The employees spend time with us. They answer our questions and always provide us with additional information to better help us understand products and processes. (On two different occasions we’ve made calls and sent text messages after hours and got the same amazing service in those emergency situations.)

- The turn-around time on orders is lightning fast.

- The customer service GMS offers is SECOND TO NONE.

The staff we deal with at GMS are exceptional.

- We have had many questions regarding specialty products, product application, software installation, and even sales methods.

- The staff is well rounded and eager to help make our business more successful--not only with the great products they sell, but also the real-life application of those products. We better serve our clients by the customer service we receive from GMS."

Mark P, USA

 After a training session: "Thank you for politely "taking me to school" Doug. I appreciate it immensely! I never even gave it a thought not being educated with small stuff I admit fully. Enjoyed the lesson! Will be back again for future purchases that is for sure!

Thanks again!"

Sue R, USA

Convex High-Bond"I really appreciated your customer service and courtesy towards me. It seems that too many companies take the little things like getting to know the customer for granted. I am also very very satisfied with the Convex vinyl. It is by far some of the best vinyl I use for recreational vehicles. The bond that it has to some of the plastic panels on snowmobiles and dirt bikes is excellent. The regular 2 mil stuff that I use for other projects doesn't even compare to how great this stuff sticks the substrates. I couldn't be happier with this vinyl.

Thanks again for offering such a great product! I look forward to continuing this great business relationship."

Chris W., USA


convex chrome"I am especially excited to receive the Convex Chrome material, as we currently have a lot of enquires for chrome effect decals. . . . For a year I tried various local vinyls and laminates to do the kart decals with; however due to the complex curves of the kart plastics, the vinyl either does not stick, folds and creases, and we even had a situation where the laminate would shrink smaller than the vinyl leaving a sticky residue around the edges after a day or two. Finally we sourced some Convex and since we have done many decal sets with satisfied customers – thank you."

Allan B., South Africa

Graphic Marking Systems Rewinder"The GMS Rewinder is fabulous—all we have to do now is set it and forget it. Once the machine is printing and the rewinder is turned on we just let it do its job while we can concentrate on other tasks."

Mike, USA

Our rewinders are amazing by the way. We will most likely be buying another set this year.

Philip W., USA


destructible reflective label materialCarmichael Inc. is a large manufacturer of industrial washers and dryers that are used by many hotels around the country to wash their sheets and linens.

Warning labels were extremely important to Carmichael Inc. Not having warning labels would result in serious lawsuits that could potentially bankrupt the company. They required a label that was tamper proof.

Carmichael Inc. also had a need for short run labels as the number of washer and dryer produced would not exceed 200-250 in any given year. Not only that but in addition to the labels they required complex control panels to be made that many sign and label manufacturers were either not able to create the design or were too expensive to make.

Every time Carmichael Inc. wanted to make changes to the machines, they needed to make a change to the panels and it the die cutting was very expensive. Plus, any small change would require the current dies to be discarded.

Graphic Marking Systems introduced Carmichael Inc. to the Gerber system which was very easy to use and how cost effective it would be since it was very capable of die-cutting. They realized that they could easily make one prototype overlay to see how it fit with their machines. They could make their own labels and overlays. This would eliminate the need to outsource the labeling jobs and save them a lot of money.

The Gerber system could also print on Graphic Marking System’s reflective material which is destructible (the label material breaks down in an 'eggshell' fashion if someone tries to remove it). This was huge for Carmichael Inc. as it would avoid any potential lawsuits in case anyone tried to tamper with them and any accidents were to occur.

The savings and the potential of the Gerber System to be able to print, cut and laminate was a game changer for Carmichael Inc. whose management team made a deal that instant to start an in-house labeling department!

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